The Hydralite range is the most popular out of the Tangye jacks; the lightweight jacks are designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position heavy loads with maximum safety. The Hydralite range of jacks have the following features:

Portable: Extensive use of high strength aluminium alloys has minimised jack weight for improved portability.

Reliable: All moving parts are totally enclosed and lubricated by hydraulic oil. Their long working life makes the Hydralite jacks the ideal choice for many rental operations.

Safety: Overload Protection: A high pressure relief valve prevents lifting of loads in excess of the jack’s capacity while locking overloads applied to the ram.

Quality Assurance: Every jack is serial numbered, fully tested and certified.

Minimum Operator Effort: Full capacity is within the capability of one man. The short lever is lightweight and requires little space for operation.

Wide Range: Capacities from 20 tonne to 100 tonne with stroke options and claw and screwed ram features.